Dive Into Wastewater Treatment

South Fort Collins Sanitation District treats the water that comes out of customer’s taps and runs down their drains 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the purpose of producing the highest quality reclaimed water possible. Water reclamation is an important service but often has some confusion surrounding it. Our hope is to help kids learn more about the wastewater treatment process and how they can make simple changes in their lives to support our natural areas. The resources below can be used by anyone to learn more about what constitutes wastewater, how it is treated and where it goes from there. We hope you find it interesting to learn about the journey of your water once it heads down the drain!

Activities for Grade School Students

Coloring Pages

Bring stages of the wastewater treatment process to life with these coloring pages.

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Weave your way around clogs to help the wastewater reach the water reclamation facility.

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Word Search

Learn about our treatment process and put your eyes to the test with this word search.

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Activities for Middle School Students

Advanced Word Search

Discover where wastewater comes and explore our treatment process as you search for key words.

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Build Your Own Treatment Plant

Follow the instructions from to create your own mini water treatment plant and see what contaminants you can remove.

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Activities for All Ages

Infrastructure Scavenger Hunt

Explore your home to find out how everyday items relate to the wastewater treatment process.

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Flushable Or Not Experiment

Put everyday items to the flush test in this experiment courtesy of JEA.

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Other Resources

Resources for Educators

For educators interested in incorporating wastewater treatment into their curriculum we have complied a variety of resources pertaining to wastewater treatment including lessons plans and videos.

Lesson Plans

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From PBS: “Understanding Your Water: From Source to Tap and Back”
Students will research where their drinking water comes from, explore pollution and risks to water sources, investigate the relationship between water treatment and public health, examine what happens when water goes down a toilet or drain and more. Download here.
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From Center for Curriculum Materials in Science: Water Treatment
Students will learn about ways that humans pollute the water as well as how humans and nature can clean-up water through journal prompts, activities and more. Download here.
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From Clean Water Curriculum: “What is Wastewater”

Students will learn that wastewater is produced in homes, public buildings, and industries, how a wastewater treatment plant works and what they can do to help manage what is in wastewater. Download here.


Value of Water: “Beyond the Drain”
check “What Do You Know Series: What Not To Flush.”

Tech Insider about grease: “Why You Should Never Pour Grease Down the Drain.”