Pay My Bill

Starting June 1, 2024, we will begin passing along third-party payment transaction fees to customers. See below for your payment options and learn more about this change at

Payment methods with NO transaction fees:

  • Pay by check:
    • When mailing a check for payment, you must include the bottom portion of your bill and remit to the address on the invoice.
  • Pay through your bank's bill pay service:
    • Use South Fort Collins Sanitation District as a vendor. Include our mailing address: 2560 E. Co. Rd. 32, Fort Collins CO 80528-9328
    • Please be sure to reference your account number with the BillPay.
  • Autopay with ACH:
  • Drop off payment:
    • Bring your payment to our office during normal business hours (Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) Use the call box at the gate for assistance.

Payment methods with transaction fees:

  • Pay online or setup autopay
  • Pay by automated phone: (844) 695-8670 (Transaction fee: $3.00 minimum or 3%)
    • When paying by phone, you will need the Phone Payment ID# and Phone Payment Pin# located on your statement.

District Delinquency Policy

SFCSD sends out a sewer bill each month. Current charges shown on the bill are due on the due date printed on the invoice. Any balance due from prior months is shown as a previous balance. Previous balances are overdue and generate a $5.00 late fee and added to your next invoice.

SFCSD will notify customers of an overdue balance by sending a delinquency notice. For further information about rental properties, please call our office and talk with a customer service representative or visit our FAQ page.

If payment is still not made by the date shown on the delinquency notice, a door hanger is delivered to the property and a customer service charge of $20.00 is applied to the account. The door hanger is the final attempt to collect outstanding charges.

Customers receiving a door hanger must make their payment by 9 a.m. on the day specified on the door hanger. If payment is not received, a Notice Of Intent to File Lien letter will be sent and additional fees may apply. Liens against properties may be subject to disconnection. If service is disconnected, the health department and the water provider are notified, and occupancy of the building is prohibited. All costs associated with disconnection and re-connection will be assessed to the property owner plus a $300 administration and inspection fee.